kiana 19 they

SFW pony, feral & anthro artist
no longer taking commissions until after art fight, thank you for your support & interest!


PayPal only, CAD or USD
100% the price for extra characters
+$10 for shading

may take days-weeks to complete, i will refuse any commission that makes me uncomfortable.

bust shots
full body
small custom
large custom


created 08/08/2020 | updated 05/17/2022

General ...

No refunds unless it is an emergency.
Credit is always required. (luvpuppy on
Do NOT use my work for NFTs/AI in any form.

Commissions ...

I will not start a commission until payment is received.
I will not redo art or make edits once lineart is done. You will be sent a sketch WIP to correct anything before I line.
No refunds once art is finished.

Design ...

Retracting bids will get you blocked unless it is an emergency.
My designs must stay on Toyhouse.
My designs may not be sold/traded/gifted on Amino.
You may sell them for however much you value them, as long as the price is not overinflated.